I treasure a Saturday morning walk. It clears the brain and distracts from the work related activities of the week. And it is great exercise. Distances range from 8 – 14 Km. This morning it was 14.1. Mid-day and late afternoon May Pen are scenes with crowds, hustle and bustle and noise.

Early morning May Pen is different. Few people – heading to work, to market or to some remittance agency. Vendors sweeping and sprinkling and setting up stall and praying that the Police will be sleeping late. Workmen gathering at the sites of the two new gas stations being constructed on Muirhead Avenue and Manchester Avenue. Street people still fast asleep in the bust stops and on the sidewalks. Women waiting – at the wholesales, at Young’s Pharmacy and at National.  

It is still quiet. The loader men have not stated shouting and the taxi men have not yet started blowing the horns. And the only noise is from the loudspeakers in the black and cream and white hearses that roll through the town, the music perhaps urging shoppers to hurry up and to go home to get ready for the funerals of the day.  

My old cell phone still does reasonable quality photos. And I can hold it still for the buildings and the signs. But for people – it is a quick snap and it hope that it was properly framed and that the image is not blurred. But many are not properly framed and you will see the shots without heads of feet – you will not see the many which are out of focus and are deleted.

These are a few composites of May Pen on the last 2 Saturday mornings.


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