JCDT Logo Launch and Volunteer Recognition November 21, 2021

New Logo for Holywell – Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

It felt great to be a part of the JCDT logo launch and volunteer recognition program on Saturday November 21. It is always feels nice to be appreciated and the JCDT did a very good job if, making the awards very personalized and meaningful. The setting was Holywell and with that as the venue, very few things can go wrong – except maybe for rain.

The new logo was designed by the very creative and talented Demi Walker, also a volunteer.

I have enjoyed being a member of the group for several reasons.

On the personal side, the hiking and other outdoor activities align perfectly with my health and fitness goals. Also, on each occasion at I spend two nights in the mountains, I achieve a mental/cognitive reset that is priceless. I can let go of so many stressful things that seem to be glued to me in the normal work environment.

New logo affixed to building adjacent to Ranger Station/ Volunteers posing

On the social side, it feels good to know that you are making a contribution which may result in many more persons being able to enjoy hiking and the trails and just the exposure to the National Park, and perhaps to also experience some of the health benefits mentioned above. I have found the entire volunteer group are a bunch of friendly, caring and dedicated persons and the interactions are always great. As I sat in the activity center today, the theme song from Cheers kept coming back to me – sometime you want to go where everybody knows your name. It is a very special feeling.

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