First Post July 1, 2011

Thanks for stopping by. Perhaps the first question – Why pattyandcocobread? Not certain which is the best answer but here are some that come to mind.

1. I wanted to root the blog firmly here in Jamaica and patty and coco bread are at least as Jamaican (or probably more Jamaican) than ackee and saltfish.

2. I have yet to meet a Jamaican who at some time as not eaten a patty and coco bread.

3. The patty seems to be quite protected maybe by a secret organization (We have a Coffee Board and Banana Board an Sugar Authority – there may just be an undercover Patty Board) and certain things don’t happen to patties. Who is going to be brave enough to make the first Pork Patty – and put the picture of a smiling little piglet on the patty bag.

4. Patty and cocobread (even the spelling is an issue) is as much a symbol of the dynamism and confusion and contradictions that is a party of daily life here. Years ago and for a long period, my lunch was 2 patties and 2 coco breads and a box juice. Older and wiser and now looking at nutritional information, I realize that I was putting away 1870 calories, 29.8 g of saturated fat (148% of recommended daily intake RDI) and 2962 mg of Sodium or 144% of RDI). If I combined that with a breakfast of fried dumplings with greens and codfish and a dinner of fried chicken and rice, each day I could be pushing over 200% of the RDI for saturated fat and Sodium and maybe other nutrients.

I want to stay clear from political commentary, but from time to time I will comment on the Clifton Browns and the lady from Samudas area who on CVM news spoke of the Prime minister having “one yeye”.

More time

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